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Low Hot Water Pressure in Shower

Low Hot Water Pressure in Shower

Wondering why you have low hot water pressure in shower in live in Las Vegas or Henderson? Active Plumbing & Air Conditioning is here to answer many common plumbing problems such as this one. Moreover, also ready on standby for any plumbing emergency you may have 24/7. With over 25 years servicing the community in Southern Nevada; as a result, continue to strive for excellence and thanks to our loyal customers. Our reviews says it all! Winter is here and we know how important it is to have hot water run for your showers. Below will explain some common problems; likewise, related water heater articles at the bottom of this page.

Low Hot Water Pressure in Shower

Low hot water pressure in shower can be caused from a number of reasons. Some of them can be an easy home fix. However, some causes require a plumber to resolve. Therefore, if this is the case we strongly recommend calling us to make the repairs as easy and stress free as possible. One of the reasons shower water pressure gets low is because the shower head is old and has gotten clogged.

It may be time to buy a new high-pressure shower head. Another major issue is a leak in a water pipe. This is an instance of a time that would be appropriate to call Active Plumbing for a free on-site estimate. Perhaps there is a mineral build up in your water pipes that is causing the water pressure to be weakened. This is a routine for our plumbing company to handle this type of issues.

Other Reasons

A low shower hot water pressure can be due to a clogged shower head, a worn-out valve or closed valve. Similarly to having a leaking pipe, or even a damaged water heater.

Whatever is causing your low hot water pressure in shower, it is better to take care of is sooner than later. Thankfully, Active Plumbing is here for you 24/7. We have been doing A+ plumbing work for the last 25 years. See for yourself why our customers reviews and the type of work we do.

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