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Common Plumbing Problems Las Vegas

Common Plumbing Problems Las Vegas

Below will touch on the most common plumbing problems Las Vegas houses result in. Here at Active Plumbing & Air Conditioning we go out for all kinds of plumbing job demands. But some we see more often than others. There are certain plumbing services that we provide consistently and thus have gotten so used to performing; as a result, is now a second nature.

Common Plumbing Problems Las Vegas

Water Heater repair, installation, and maintenance

Having hot water is very important in today’s world. Specially during winter. So making sure that the water that is coming out of that faucet is hot enough to take a shower or wash your dishes is a big part of the plumbing work we do here at Active Plumbing & Air Conditioning.

Toilet Repair

Having a broken toilet is a pain. Most people know how to use a plunger; however, not everyone knows how to perform a valve replacement. Or even make that running water noise stop. This is a reason why plumbers see a lot of toilet repair demands. Having a clogged toilet is one of the most common plumbing problems in Las Vegas.

Clogged bathtubs and showers

As a non-plumbing-experienced person, you don’t deal with these things everyday. So when a shower or bathtub isn’t draining properly, most people would just rather call a plumber to deal with it. And rightfully so, because getting professional plumbing can alleviate a lot of the worry.

Leaky Washer Machines

People need their work clothes washed, their kids uniform cleaned, and a number of other linens ready to go. And it is known that a leaky washer machine can turn into a much bigger problem. That’s why a lot of our plumbing jobs involve fixing leaky washer machines.

Low Water Pressure

People spend a lot of time in the shower, they are constantly using the sink to wash their hands and their dishes. So when water is coming out of a faucet with no force, it makes everything more difficult.

If you have some of these plumbing problems going on in your home. Similarly, to any emergency plumbing problems that you need help with. Above all, do not hesitate to reach out to Active Plumbing & Air Conditioning. We have been providing professional plumbing services for over 25 years and would love to demonstrate our expertise with you!

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