Preparing Your Plumbing for Colder Weather

Though it is unlikely to have frozen pipes in Las Vegas, it is still possible. In order to avoid this headache, it’s important to take precautions when temperatures drop. If you do happen to experience and frozen or busted pipe, let the experts at Active Plumbing take care of it for you.

Leaky Pipes and Leaky Wallets

One common issue that homeowners may face is a water leak. Dripping faucets, unsealed pipes, and running toilets are all well known occurrences, and we are more likely than not to experience one or more of these issues within our home-owning years. Though these may not seem like major issues, a constant leak of water can add up quick.

Plumbing Repair Las Vegas

Plumbing Repair in Las Vegas by a Licensed Professional? Yes! Active Plumbing & Air Conditioning will fix any leak or plumbing problem you can throw at us, whether it’s a faucet, toilet, shower, garbage disposal, hot water heater, water softener, clogged drain or...

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