Keeping Your HVAC Unit Clean

Keeping Your HVAC Unit Clean

The best way on keeping Your HVAC Unit Clean in Las Vegas Nevada. When it comes to keeping up appearances, and taking care of the outside of our homes, we often think of planting new flowers or tidying up mulch and gravel. We may add a fresh coat of paint or an accent door, build a bench or lay a new paver walkway. While all of these updates are great, one major thing often gets overlooked in the cleaning chaos: your HVAC unit. 


Checking on your HVAC unit is a practice that should occur more often than just during spring cleaning. Regular maintenance of this can help to prevent problems from occurring, and if something has happened, it will allow you to notice it quicker and get it taken care of before it becomes a larger issue. This will also lengthen the life of your HVAC unit, effectively saving you money in the long run. Want to learn when Air Conditioner Repair When You Need it the Most.



Filters are essential to the efficiency of your HVAC unit. These help keep your system and your inside air clean and free from large particles and more. Disposable filters need to be disposed of (hence the name) after 1-3 months of us. Certain times of the year, such as high allergy times, may dictate a more frequent filter change. Similarly, if you have pets in your household, they are likely adding to the dander collection, and require more often changing of filters as well. 


Your HVAC condensing unit is typically the equipment that sits outdoors with a fan on top in order to keep it cooled during the summer. Keeping your HVAC clean is important! The fan blades, or fines, can get dirty or clogged and caked with pollen, grime, and other debris. Especially in an environment that is extremely dusty, like the Las Vegas desert, it is essential to spray these down every few months with a garden hose (not a power washer).


Just as it is essential to clean the unit itself, it is beneficial to clear the surrounding area of any debris that might be collecting. This will help to prevent any of it from blowing on top of or into your HVAC unit. If you have nearby bushes or trees, keep them trimmed and check back regularly to make sure that nothing is getting into your unit’s fan blades. Read our Increasing Your HVAC Efficiency in Warmer Months article.


The best way to get your HVAC maintenance done is to have someone else do it! We’re talking about a professional, that is. Having a technician come out to perform regular preventative maintenance on your unit can help avoid any future issues, and it takes the stress off of you needing to complete it yourself! If there are any current issues, the technician should be able to address them right then and there, saving you time and potentially money as well. 

Keeping Your HVAC Unit Clean

We hope that this article on keeping Your HVAC Unit Clean was useful. Though regular maintenance of your HVAC unit may not seem like a pressing issue, it can be beneficial to have it done every season. Not sure where to start, or don’t want to worry about doing it yourself? Contact the experts at Active Plumbing & Air Conditioning today! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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