A little while ago, we came up with a list of some of the most common plumbing myths and the actual truths (you can read it here). We decided to add onto that list with this blog, as there are so many myths floating around out there, and they need to be flushed down the drain once and for all. 

Myth 1

Orange Peels Are Good For Your Garbage Disposal

There is a common belief that if you put orange or lemon peels down your kitchen drain and use the garbage disposal, it will clean and sharpen the blades, and your kitchen will smell better afterwards. 

The Truth

As we discussed in the original blog in regards to ice cubes, garbage disposals do not have traditional blades that chop food up. Instead, they have teeth-like mechanisms that grind together to liquify food particles. Orange or lemon peels won’t do anything to sharpen or clean these, but it might smell fresher for a few minutes. Worst case scenario, the peels can actually cause damage to your disposal. Try investing in some air freshener or simply put the peels on your counter to enjoy the scent. 

Myth 2

Eggshells Help Garbage Disposal

Similar to the other myths about garbage disposals, there is a myth that states putting eggshells down garbage disposals will help to clean and sharpen the blades. 

The Truth

We aren’t really sure where the obsession with putting things down garbage disposals comes from, but we reiterate: garbage disposals don’t have blades, they have impellers that crush things instead of chopping them up. Putting anything down a disposal will likely dull it out more than sharpen or clean it. 

Myth 3

You Can Use a Wire Hanger as a Plumbing Snake

Drain snakes are not that much of an investment, so we aren’t sure why so many alternatives have been suggested for them, however, a common misconception is that you can use a wire hanger instead. The myth states that it will be effective in helping to clear out clogs. 

The Truth

Using a wire hanger as a drain snake can be extremely damaging to your plumbing. It can scratch your pipes or even crack them, and can make it easier for buildups and clogs to occur in the future. If you absolutely must use a wire hanger, it is best to add fabric at the end and secure it to prevent damaging the pipes. 

As you can see, there are several plumbing myths floating around out there. As experts in the field, we want to help prevent plumbing problems, and keep current issues from developing into bigger ones. If you have plumbing questions, or need plumbing assistance, contact us today.