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HVAC Noises and What They Could Mean

HVAC Noises and What They Could Mean

It is always unsettling when something within our home starts making a noise that we don’t recognize. This can lead to many questions as your brain begins imagining the worst case scenario. Why is my HVAC so loud all of a sudden? What was that boom? Do I have a gas leak? Did something explode? While these questions are valid, and it is always better to be safe than sorry and call in a professional, we wanted to address some of the most common HVAC noises you might encounter as a homeowner and what they could mean.

HVAC Noises and What They Could Mean


Squealing is commonly associated with feelings of excitement, however, that is not the case when your HVAC unit is the one that is letting the squeals out. This high-pitched noise can become a nuisance quite quickly, and is often indicative of a bad fan belt. If this is the scenario, usually replacing the belt is a quick fix. Another possible cause of this squealing is a lack of lubricant in the motor. In this case, applying a special type of lubricant can solve the problem. 


If your HVAC unit is making a thwapping or thunking sound, it may be as simple as an obstruction being stuck in the fan blades. Keep an ear out for a change in the noise when your air is on and when it’s off. If you only notice the noise when air is actively blowing, it could be a key indicator that something in your fan blade is the problem. You may be able to identify where the obstruction is and remove it yourself, but call in an ac repair professional if you are unsure. 


These noises could be caused by something being dislodged or stuck in the fan or blower, similarly to the thwap and thunk sound. In the case that the rattles and clanks turn into bangs or have persistently increased in volume, it’s best to call in a professional so they can determine what parts need maintenance or repair. 


Definitely, HVAC noises and what they could mean here is a popping noise after turning on your heat or your air for the first time in a long time may not be cause for concern. This often is due to the ductwork expanding or otherwise adjusting to the change in air temperature and it should go away after a little bit. If the popping sound does not stop, however, or if you have not experienced any drastic changes in temperature recently, it may be a safe call to recruit the help of an HVAC expert


Depending on where the source of this clicking noise is coming from, it can indicate a few things. If the clicking is your HVAC unit itself, there may be an issue with the compressor. This is a problem that should be handled by a professional. If the clicking is coming from your furnace, and you have recently activated your heat, most of the time it is indicative of your system performing as it should. If the furnace clicking is persistent, however, call in a professional, because the issue may lie in the ignition system, which can be bad news. 

There are many other noises that can occur with your HVAC system, however these are the most common ones that you may experience as a homeowner. In any circumstance, if you are concerned about a noise that your HVAC unit or system is making, do not hesitate to contact our team of experts. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and to know for sure where the problem lies. Let us know how we can help today! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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