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Filtered Water & Your Health

Have you made some mid-year resolutions to make healthier decisions in order to better protect yourself from the global pandemic and post-COVID world? Quite often, resolutions we make (whether it’s in our new corona world, or simply at the beginning of the year) have to do with being healthier, especially if we have been cooped up at home putting on some quarantine weight the past few months (thanks to our delivery driver heroes). Did you know that part of living a healthy life, and feeling better as a whole, is drinking quality water? Having filtered water can help with your health resolution more than you think.

Wherever you live, having accessible filtered water within your home is highly important. However, it is even more essential when you live in a place such as Las Vegas, which is known to have extremely hard water. With the water supply in Vegas being so hard, you would think that most homes would have a filtration system in place, however this is not the case for around 97% of houses here in the valley! The lack of water filtration can cause issues for not only your home, but also for your own body. 


Hard water is any water supply that is known to contain a high concentration of minerals and chemicals. These include chlorine, fluoride, herbicides, pesticides, and calcium. In addition, hard water can also be higher in bacteria counts than filtered or even softened water. In Las Vegas, there have been 23 contaminants found, 10 of which exceed health standards and 13 of which are simply present in samples. 


The chemicals that exceed the health guidelines are: bromoform, chloroform, chromium (hexavalent), dibromochloromethane, dichloroacetic acid, radiological contaminants, total trihalomethanes (TTHMs), trichloroacetic acid, and hormones. Of these ten contaminants, nine of them are known to be cancer causing. In addition to being carcinogens, these chemicals can cause many other health issues, and even affect the quality of operation of your vital organs. 


With the prevalence of chemicals and minerals in hard water, several damages can occur. Not only can these cause buildups within your plumbing fixtures and pipes, they can have a serious effect on your health. As stated above, 9/10 of the contaminants found in Las Vegas water samples are known to cause cancer. In addition, excess levels of minerals can cause damage to vital organs, especially contributing to heart disease. 


One of the most noted benefits of filtered water is avoiding these potential health problems, improving your overall well-being, and contributing to you being healthier and happier in general. Filtering your water can also help prevent potential plumbing issues, and can improve the quality of your water, as well as the appearance. 

There are many benefits to water filtration for both your home and your household. If you’re curious about water filtering and want to know your options, contact the experts at Active Plumbing! See how filtered water can help with your health resolution and getting back into the post-quarantine groove today!

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