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Reasons to Use a Programmable Thermostat

Reasons to Use a Programmable Thermostat

Reasons to Use a Programmable Thermostat in Las Vegas Nevada. Over the past few years, home automation has seen a drastic increase in popularity. One smart home feature that can be beneficial to your household is a programmable thermostat. This upgrade can be completed fairly easily and is usually less of an investment than some other home automations. In addition, it can save you money, and make your home more cozy to hang out in.

The installation of a programmable thermostat can usually be performed on your own, however, if you don’t want to risk it, or simply just don’t want to deal with it, feel free to contact our experts to help out. If you do want to go about installing it yourself, simply buy a new programmable unit, then carefully remove your old unit from the wall, while paying attention to which wires connect where. Then connect the wires to the new unit in the same way. Be sure to read over the new unit’s manual so you can properly set up and program your money-saving thermostat and take full advantage of all it has to offer! 



This benefit is often what people have in mind when they choose to switch to a programmable thermostat. Energy bills can eat up a tremendous amount of your checks, especially when heating or cooling systems run continuously, even when they aren’t needed. Programmable thermostats can help to combat this by allowing you to choose various settings to cycle through during the day. 

When no one is home, allow your air conditioning or heater to relax a bit, saving you energy. Right before everyone is set to get home, you can have your thermostat programmed to adjust the air temperature to a comfortable level so your home is perfectly welcoming when you arrive. It may seem insignificant but the energy saved throughout the day adds up quick and can be noticeable on your utility bills almost immediately. Read about increasing Your HVAC Efficiency in Warmer Months.


While traditional thermostats offer you the ability to regulate temperature, they usually only kick on once the temperature has departed from the current setting. Programmable thermostats offer a more stable solution and work to prevent the temperature from shifting in either direction from your preference. This steady conditioning of the air allows for consistency in temperature and eliminates the chances of having hot or cold spots, making for a more comfortable environment. 


When your home is too warm, you may crank the AC in order to cool it down faster, however, then it might get too chilly, so you adjust the temperature back up, and so on until you find the sweet spot. All this adjusting and fidgeting can be time consuming, and frustrating! In addition, the constant changing of temperatures can take a toll on your utility bills. A programmable thermostat eliminates this issue by holding a consistent temperature and requiring less adjustments to get there. Many of these units are also compatible with apps that allow you to adjust and set the temperature with your mobile device. Learn about the Benefits of Cleaning Your Air Ducts.


We’ve already discussed that programmable thermostats can more easily regulate the temperature within your home. This has an additional benefit other than just making your home more comfortable. When your HVAC unit is running at a slow and steady pace, it runs more efficiently, and generally lasts longer. Think about driving a car. If you drive it at a consistent speed, your gas mileage should be fairly decent. However, if you rev your engine often, speed up and slow down, and floor the gas pedal, your gas mileage is sure to go down 

This concept applies for the life of your HVAC unit. When consistently run at a regulatory level, it should live a long time. However, when you have a standard thermostat that functions by blasting hot and cold air in bursts, you could be shortening the life of your unit. 

There are many benefits to having a programmable thermostat in your home, including saving money, extending the life of your HVAC unit, and creating a more comfortable and consistent environment. If you have questions about the benefits of programmable or smart thermostats, how to install them, or if they are right for your household, contact our air conditioning experts. Follow our social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram for daily tips.

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