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How to turn off water to house in Las Vegas

How to turn off water to house in Las Vegas

Want to know how to turn off water to house in Las Vegas? Active Plumbing & Air Conditioning is here to answer these type of questions to our Las Vegas community. If you’re alone and experience a water leak. Even if planning to go on vacation and want to prevent a water damage. Therefore, this article is for you. Every household owner or renter should know how to shut off the main water. If you do have a water catastrophe; most importantly, the first thing you should do is not to panic. Not call 911, but to locate the main shutoff valve. Below you will read where to find the main water valve to shut off and what to do.

Where is this main water valve?

The valve is usually located on the side of your house of the water utility meter. Similarly, outside in a front lawn space near were the main water lines enter on some older houses. If you haven’t located your valve and never tried to shut it. We recommend you do to make sure it’s not so stiff to operate.

How to turn off water to house in Las Vegas

Once you have located the main water valve and made sure you can twist the valve clockwise. You have cut off the water supply to your entire house. Shutting off the main water line should not require any tools. To drain all the water out, you can open the lowest faucet in your property.

You can not detect your water leak and begin repairs. If you don’t know how to perform plumbing repairs, contact Active Plumbing. Active Plumbing is available for any emergency 24 hour water leak repair anywhere in Las Vegas.

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