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Water Heater Installation Special

Save Money when you get your Brand-New 40-, 50- or 75-Gallon Water Heater installed by an Experienced Plumber that is Licensed, Insured and Bonded
– at a fantastic price!

Skip the “handyman” or plumber “wannabe”.  Can you afford the price of a botched installation?  Do you want to get rid of your problem or create more headaches for yourself?

We are a real, licensed plumbing contractor serving the Las Vegas area for over 2 decades.

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The price we quote is what you pay – please don’t be mislead by others who will quote you a low-ball price an the phone and then pull the old “bait and switch” on you when they show up and tell you about all the “extras” you will have to pay for.

Watch out!  Unfortunately, most of these guys are out to make a fast buck at your expense.

Give us a call right now to learn about everything that’s included with our fantastic prices (and what could make the real price you pay vs. your quoted price hundreds of dollars higher if you call someone else).

Learn the truth by speaking directly with an honest plumber (702) 553-1171

40-Gallon Gas or Electric **SPECIAL**
In Stock
$Call for Special Price*  
50-Gallon Gas or Electric **SPECIAL**
In Stock
$Call for Special Price*
75-Gallon Gas or Electric **SPECIAL**
In Stock
$Call for Special Price*

Other types and sizes available.

No Waiting – Ask About Our Same-Day Service!

Of course you may not need a brand new water heater – if the one you have can be repaired, we will fix it for you – possibly saving you hundreds of dollars!

*Want to get an idea of what we include with our low water heater prices?


Your professional water heater installation includes all of the following and more:

  • Brand-New Water Heater
  • New 3/4″ flexible supply lines
  • New 3/4″ ball valve
  • Earthquake straps
  • Gas sediment trap
  • New pressure and temperature relief valve
  • Hook up and modification of piping to accommodate new style heaters
  • A 5-ply board 24″ x 24″ if needed
  • Venting modifications if needed

These special prices include our one-year parts and labor warranty!

What’s not included in these prices?

  • Haul off of old tank, hot water pumps and valves (available for a small additional charge)
  • Plumbing permit (availble for an additional $100)

Remember, we are a professional, licensed plumbing contractor.  We’ve been in business since 1991 because we take care of our customers.

Give us a try!  You’ll be happy you did.

Nevada State License #47021

24-Hour Plumbing Hotline
(702) 553-1171