We all know that Las Vegas has brutal summers, and air conditioning is essential to surviving the heat. Getting your air conditioner tuned up is key to keeping it running smoothly, however, you don’t want to wait until the middle of the season to get this done, as it might be too late. Think ahead and get your AC tune up before it becomes a crisis. 

By preemptively planning and having this check up out of the way by the time summer comes around, you will be prepared to meet the heat head on. In addition, you will likely help to prevent any potential problems, and can keep your cool all summer long. 

Why Get a Tune Up?

A tune up, or check up, can increase the efficiency of your air conditioning unit drastically. Some studies have shown that the difference can be up to 40 percent more efficient! This means less wasted energy, and ensures that the AC is only working as hard as it has to. No more wasted energy also means reduced energy costs. You will likely notice this significant change in utility bills as heating and air conditioning usually make up around 50 percent of the energy cost. Last, but certainly not least, getting a tune up can help diagnose possible future problems, and catch current ones early on so they can be addressed before causing serious damage. 

What is a Tune Up?

When you get your air conditioning unit tuned up, there should be a handful of items always included. 

Refrigerant Levels

Each air conditioner unit has optimal levels of refrigerant that should be met in order to perform appropriately. A tune up will cover the evaluation of these levels and topping off the fluid if necessary. 

Electrical Components and Controls

In order to operate smoothly, the electrical components in your AC unit must be safely wired and connected. If these are faulty, loose, or damaged, your unit may not run properly. A tune up will check these and adjust them as necessary. 

Moving Parts

Lack of lubrication on any moving parts in your AC unit can lead to permanent damage and increased wear and tear. A tune up will ensure that any of these parts are properly lubricated so the life of your air conditioner may be long. 


A tune up also includes calibrating the thermostat. If this calibration is off, your home may not be heated or cooled to properly reach the temperature you have set it at. By calibrating this, the efficiency of your AC unit is also improved. 

Evaporator, Condenser Coils, and Filters

These essential aspects of your AC unit must be kept clean and in good repair in order for peak performance. This also increases the efficiency of your air conditioner and helps to prevent potential damage in the future. 

There are many reasons to get an air conditioner tune up, and why it should be done before the heat of the summer. If you are ready to schedule your check up, or if you have further questions, contact us today!

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