Raising the Humidity in Your Home: How and Why?

Living in the desert means lower than average humidity levels. While this may be preferable for some, others may find the low humidity inside their home negatively affects certain aspects of their lives. In some circumstances, these individuals may want to raise the...

AC & Allergies

As the weather gets warmer here, just like it is known to do, we start to utilize our air conditioners more. When this happens, a lot of people start to notice more allergy-like symptoms, even if they have not spent an increased amount of time indoors. Did you know...

Ways to Lower Your AC Costs This Summer

Las Vegas is known for bringing the heat in the summertime. With rising heat comes rising utility costs as well, as we crank up the air conditioner to combat the high temperatures. While we want the indoors to be a cool relief when we come in from the sweltering...
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