When you think of being in your home during the winter time, you probably envision warmth, perhaps even being cozied up on your couch wrapped in a blanket. You picture being comfortable, and definitely not cold. When temperatures drop outside, our homes should be our warm safe haven. Though Vegas may not have as extreme winters as some other locations, nights in the desert can get especially chilly, and without proper heating in our homes, that chill can creep right in. 


If you have noticed that your HVAC unit is starting to decrease in effectiveness, and the temperatures inside your home are not quite where you want them to be, or it seems to be requiring more energy to get them there, it may be time for some routine maintenance. Regular maintenance of your HVAC unit prolongs its life and also can lower your bills for future repairs, or prevent the need for them in general. In addition, a system that is well-maintained tends to run more efficiently, causing it to use less energy, which saves you money on utility bills. 

When you call us for an HVAC or furnace tune-up, we go to work doing a thorough inspection of your system. We clean your unit up and make all the adjustments to bring its operations up to peak performance. We also identify any present or impending problems that might lead to failure, giving you the opportunity to remedy a small situation before it can cause a costly and inconvenient repair down the road.


Sometimes more than just the regular maintenance is required, and your best option is to replace your HVAC unit. Though this may be an initial investment, it can easily save you money in the long run, and will also keep the climate of your house much more enjoyable. 

Our expert team will size up and select a system that’s sized right for the job and fit it to your home or business so that it’s as energy-efficient as possible. We will help by recommending options that suit your budget, and we provide upfront pricing before any work begins. We can also help by offering financing on approved credit to make things affordable for you.

All system replacements come backed by a manufacturer’s warranty as well as Active Plumbing & Air Conditioning’s satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest easy and comfortable while you enjoy your new updated system.

Whether your best option is maintaining your unit or replacing it, the experts at Active Plumbing & Air Conditioning are here for you. Perhaps with the new year comes a new HVAC system, contact us today!

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