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Don’t Have a Sewage Disaster

Most of the time, when plumbing problems arise, they have to do with the pipes that flow throughout your home. These plumbing issues can be inconveniences, but most of the time, they are nothing more. Sometimes, however, the problem isn’t within these pipes, but instead, is in the main sewer line. If this is the case, you could be dealing with much more than just an inconvenience. 


Your main sewer line (or simply “main line”), is, simply put, a large drain pipe. It connects every drain in your home to the municipal sewage system or your septic tank depending on where you live in the valley. In other words, it is the highway that all the surface roads (pipes) within your house merge into. Just think of a traffic backup in that! 


Just like on actual highways, sometimes accidents happen and traffic delays occur. Sitting in regular traffic can stink, but a backup on the sewage highway can stink a lot worse, literally! When the main sewer line becomes clogged, blocked, or broken, the efficiency of every drain in your house is affected. These plumbing fixtures may begin to drain slower than usual, or may lose the ability to drain altogether. 

This can cause excess water backups, as well as stagnant waste that should have been flushed out to the sewer system if everything was working properly. In extreme scenarios, there can even be a backup of outside waste flowing into your home as well. A complete blockage can cause your kitchen and bathroom sinks, your bathtubs and showers, and your toilets to back up, overflow, and flood your house. 

This kind of flooding is not just an inconvenience to deal with, it can cause serious damage to your belongings, as well as to the structure of your home. In addition, this can actually pose health issues to you and your household as well. 


When it comes to plumbing issues, your best bet is to call an expert, especially when your main sewer line is the cause of the crisis. No matter the nature of your particular problem, you can rest assured that the experts at Active Plumbing and Air Conditioning have the expertise and equipment to solve it in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. We also have the tools and training to do a remote video camera inspection of your main sewer line should it prove necessary to correctly diagnose the nature of the blockage and assess any damage that might be present. If we determine that your main line is collapsed or structurally damaged, we will advise the best course of action to repair the problem or replace your main sewer line and have your plumbing back in full working order promptly.

Don’t risk the health of your household, and the structural safety of your home. If you start experiencing plumbing backups in your home, or think there may be an issue with your main line, contact Active Plumbing today.

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