HVAC Maintenance for the Holidays

The holiday season is full of planning and presents and family and friends and stresses and more. It’s all fun and games when you gather together for good food and fellowship. However, when your heating or air conditioning unit decide to throw a wrench in your plans,...

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Filtered Water & Your Health

Have you made some mid-year resolutions to make healthier decisions in order to better protect yourself from the global pandemic and post-COVID world? Quite often, resolutions we make (whether it's in our new corona world, or simply at the beginning of the year) have...

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Keeping Your HVAC Unit Clean

When it comes to keeping up appearances, and taking care of the outside of our homes, we often think of planting new flowers or tidying up mulch and gravel. We may add a fresh coat of paint or an accent door, build a bench or lay a new paver walkway. While all of...

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