3 Reasons You Need a Remote Camera Inspection of Your Plumbing Now

by | Sep 27, 2018 | Plumbing Questions, Plumbing Services

Thousands of families and businesses in the Las Vegas valley depend on Active Plumbing & Air Conditioning to rescue them from plumbing emergencies.  But the very savvy call on us to keep their plumbing trouble-free through a proactive program of routine periodic maintenance and inspection.

Why?  Because they know that in the long run, problems with their plumbing are best addressed before they become an emergency!  And they’re generally cheaper to fix when the problem is still small.

Active Plumbing & Air Conditioning has special waterproof camera equipment to inspect your plumbing internally.  It gives a live video view inside your plumbing that allows our trained technicians to see and diagnose problems that might otherwise only be discovered by cutting through floors and walls or tearing up yards and sidewalks.

A remote camera inspection of your plumbing not only gives early warning of developing concerns like a constricted flow in your drain pipes building up over time, but also alerts you to conditions of impending plumbing disasters like a broken, crushed, or tree root-infiltrated sewer mainline.

Why does it matter?  Well, that brings us to reason number one…

1. Wouldn’t you rather schedule a major plumbing repair job at your convenience than at some inopportune time, for example like during a big family gathering at your home?

A remote camera inspection now gives you time to plan and budget for the repair, at your convenience, should a major problem be detected.  You really don’t want to face the social disaster of your drains all backing up right before your big Thanksgiving dinner or when family arrives from out of town to stay with you at Christmas time!

2. “Help! My wedding ring went down the drain!”

Treasured possessions like diamond rings don’t belong in your sewer line!  But accidents do happen. It can leave you feeling devastated when you finish washing up a few dishes and discover you literally threw out your ring with the dishwater.

While we can’t guarantee your precious jewels haven’t completely flushed away to their eternal doom, it’s certainly worth calling us over to bring our special plumbing inspection camera equipment to peek deep into your drain pipes.  We have had some happy successes recovering such lost treasured items.


3. “We paid XYZ Plumbing to come over and fix our clogged shower drain last month.  But it still drains a little slowly, and there’s a fowl stench around our home.”

If you’ve had your drains rooted or hydro-jetted to remove a clog but still have lingering problems like slow drains and unpleasant odors, that’s a sign that there could be an undiscovered leak or leaks in your sewer lines.  Left unresolved, this condition could lead to more costly problems to fix down the road.

Call Active Plumbing & Air Conditioning to Schedule a Remote Camera Inspection Now, and Prevent a Plumbing Disaster Later.

A remote camera inspection of your sewer pipes will pinpoint the exact location and cause of the problem, saving you time and money that otherwise might have been lost through a trial-and-error approach to diagnosing and solving the problem.

Give Active Plumbing & Air Conditioning a call right now to schedule your appointment.

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